15” touch screen with anti-glare and wide viewing angle Elevated transducer holders for cord longevity and ideal cable management Built-in battery provides long battery life Wi-Fi enabled Height adjustable

Mindray TE5

New Mindray TE5 Tablet with 1 standard probe
1 UMT-400 cart
as low as$295Per
For 60
with iNeedle and DICOM options

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    The TE5 ultrasound system is a specialty system with a unique design, where every detail has been taken into consideration to meet the needs of today’s demanding ultrasound environments.

    With enhanced image quality and an intuitive touch enabled design, the TE5 system is an excellent choice for use across a wide range of clinical applications.

    • eSpacial NaviTM
    • iNeedle+ TM
    • iVocal Voice Control
    • Wide Range of Transducers
    • Dual Comparison
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